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Post  JoJo on Tue 8 Jan - 19:59

Dear 4U and of course all of you in the SWAT 4 world.

Running a clan is an awesome job and I love it! Anyway, renting a server is not free and neither is the hosting of our website.

Worth nothing however is that I am not in dire need for donations, but I know some of you want to do it and this is very appriciated! Every donation is welcome and goes towards paying for Forever Uniteds server! Smile

To donate just press the small yellow button on the starting page and it will link you!

If you did donate, you will earn an icon here in forum to your profile. Looking like this: Why donate? Donateicon

P.S. If you do donate, please tell me in Xfire when you have done so, due to the reason I wanna know for sure who sent the money, unless you wish to be anonomous of course. Smile D.S.

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